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About Promo Figurines

Promotional Figurine Manufacturing is our business. In our database, we have many different kinds of figurines for you to choose from - Action, Festive, Educational ... to custom made collectibles. 
Most importantly though, we have the design, protoyping, moulding and development expertise to customise.
Promo Figurines Manufacturing in China - suitable for any kinds of events, activities, festives, campaigns. Our in-house designers help you to conceptualize your idea.  Decide on the many types of add-ons for your figurines to make it your own.    For every order we have our Quality Command team to assist you in monitoring the manufacturing in China.
Our PromoFigurines can be designed from the ground up - just for your client, your brand, your product, your messages!
China Promo Figurines manufactures at reasonable cost with high quality standard which gives anyone the reason to produce their desired figurine with us.  No matter whether you are an existing or new customer, we welcome your request for enquiries and feedback.

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